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Return to the Office

Relatability works with organisations to help them help their people to thrive through building great relationships.

Our short online courses and in-person coaching are designed to respond to what is happening in your peoples’ lives right now, whether that be coping with a global pandemic, or returning to the office after a year of working from home.

Modules are released periodically, and can be delivered standalone or as part of an end-to-end Learning Journey. All of our work uses a relational focus to bring new perspectives to mental health provision at work. Almost everything your people do at work is about relationships: with themselves, with team members, with line managers, with clients. That is why we are making it the core of what we do.

CURRENT MODULE | Coping with COVID: Create Calm & Build Resilience

COMING UP | Return to the Office: Smoothing the Transition

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Return to the Office?

While the pandemic has thrown up a huge number of challenges for organisations and individuals, returning to the office will come with its own share of hurdles to navigate.

There will be a whole set of new social norms to navigate. Some will be thrilled to be back in the office as soon as they can be, and will want their teams in with them. Others would prefer stay at home forever. Some will be keen to get back, but nervous about public transport, and being in close contact with others.

Your organisation is probably starting to think about the logistics of returning to work, considering queue management, socially distanced desks, and increased hygeine procedures. It is crucial that you don’t miss planning for the most important part of all: your people and the relationships they have with each other.

We are here to help. 

Our three step process gives your people the tools they need through the return to office process. We combine online learning and in-person coaching, all aligned to your organisational approach and your team’s unique insights.

Our approach to learning

  • Hybrid approach to learning combining digital content with in-person kick off coaching sessions
  • Designed and delivered by a qualified psychotherapist who has years of experience dealing with clients affected by stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Learning broken down into bite sized chunks, easy to fit in around a busy work day
  • Easy-to-use platform with all videos and activities in one place
  • Highly engaging and relevant content that speaks to what your people are going through right now
  • Based on psychological principles and neuroscience that is practical, applicable and effective