Flexing your way through return to the office

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Blog, Tips

When it comes to remote working, it feels like the goalposts keep moving. This all feels especially precarious given many of us haven’t stepped foot in an office in over a year. How can businesses decide on policy when we have no idea how individuals will feel? There’s one word I think would be helpful to remember: FLEX.

What we think will work now will look different when we return to the office. What works in the first few weeks of returning will look different to what works 3 months in.

The way people feel about working in the office will change over days, weeks and months, especially if we find ourselves with new COVID variants or waves. Levels of comfort being in the office will go up and down: people may want to come in much more, or maybe they will feel overwhelmed and want to come in less.

Allowing for flex, especially in the first 3-6 months back to the office will help your team find the right equilibrium individually and as a collective.

Instead of trying to decide on policy right now – while we’re still mostly sitting at home in tracksuit bottoms – trust the uncertainty, embrace a more agile working pattern, and lean into the flex.