Bite-sized learning perfect to educate and inspire, whether than be lunch and learns hosted by a psychotherapist on topical issues, or one of our R&R sessions which will help you to catch a breath in the middle of the day.

Focussing on individual learning, Relatability for me provides expert-led sessions to nurture mind, body and soul for individual resilience and health. From tackling imposter syndrome to growing gratitude to lunchtime meditation, these sessions slot neatly into the work day for a moment of inspiration and calm.


Support your people at every level. Whether it is coaching individual resilience, building connection within a team, or an organisation-wide culture change, we are here to help. Our expert designed and delivered training and coaching is designed to build trust, grow resilience and foster connection for a more supportive organisation.


We work with teams big and small: from leadership teams of ten, to seminars for 100+. While the teams may be different, one thing is the same: participants feel better equipped for the challenges they face at work, whether that be negotiating the post-COVID return to the office, or dealing with anxiety. 100% of participants have also told us they would recommend Relatability to others.


Underpinning everything we do is the belief that people deserve to thrive at work. We support individuals, teams and organisations to put the right behaviours, culture and support systems in place to ensure that everyone can thrive, leading to a buoyant and resilience organisation.

Help individuals to grow resilience and develop healthy habits for teams that thrive

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