Good relationships are essential for a thriving business. Our relational approach to wellbeing in the workplace brings people together, breaks down barriers and empowers individuals, teams and organisations to work, grow and excel

For me.

Bite-sized learning perfect to educate and inspire, whether than be lunch and learns hosted by a psychotherapist on topical issues, or one of our R&R sessions which will help you to catch a breath in the middle of the day.

The detail

Short and sweet sessions on topics that are top of mind for your people, whether that be dealing with imposter syndrome, managing work life balance in a hybrid world, making healthy lunch choices when you’re back in the office, or building meditation into the working day.

For teams.

We believe that connected teams are the cornerstone to a thriving organisation. Each individual can be supported and bolstered by the right skills, habits and behaviours practiced within teams.

Our relational lens on wellbeing helps to build those practices for happy and resilient teams, and overall organisational buoyancy.

The detail

Relationship-focussed team wellness and team building to strengthen your organisation. Shift the wellbeing lens away from the “me” and towards the “we” with our interesting and engaging expert-led workshops. Great to grow connection post-COVID, strengthen the bond between leadership, or build bridges across departments.

For Us.

Build a more resilient and thriving organisation through a range of offerings to embed both a top down and bottom up culture of organisational buoyancy through the right culture and behaviours

The detail

Whether you would like to establish a mental health ally programme, monitor organisation-wide wellbeing, or get leadership on board with the latest in mental health advocacy, our flexible approach helps your organisation to thrive.

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