Relatability supports individuals and teams to grow & thrive


Relationships are the cornerstone to everything we do, whether that is with ourselves or with our team

When we strengthen our ability to relate, we thrive

We will help you support your people

Relatability for your people:

Courses that are hyper-relevant to your people’s experience. For example, our focus right now is responding to the stress & anxiety of COVID and preparing for Return to Office

Expert knowledge presented in an accessible way through engaging virtual learning and in-person coaching

Friendly and informative instructors

Relevant and easy-to-apply techniques and approaches, built on psychological research and neuroscience

Bite-sized learning that fits in around the work day and lasts a lifetime

Relatability for your organisation:

Create branded content to reflect your ethos

Develop bespoke content to respond to what your organisation needs

Support learning with live webinars, lunch and learns and Q&As

Boutique approach with the flexibility to be able to tailor learning to your organisational context

Enterprise licensing available

Mental health is your business

It is increasingly important that you support your team’s mental health. After all, your people are your business.

  • For every £1 invested in mental health provision, employers can expect a £5 return
  • Poor mental health is costing UK employers up to £45bn per year (up 16% since 2017)
  • Mental health related illnesses now make up 44% of all illness caused by work (and this is rising)
  • Young professionals are the the most vulnerable, being almost twice as likely to suffer depression and be unable to switch off from work

(Source: Deloitte, 2020)

We are here for you

Our thoughtful courses use coaching based in psychological principles to help people thrive. Whether that be building resilience, coping with the fall-out from a global pandemic, or combatting stress & burnout, we are there to support your people.

Our courses are designed by expert psychotherapist, Pam Custers, MA PG/DIP BA Psych MBACP. She’s an expert in helping people create amazing relationships, whether that’s with themselves or others.

She specialises in working with corporate professionals to deal with stress, anxiety and burnout. She’s been featured on television, radio and in the press including the BBC, The Telegraph, The Metro and The Huffington Post.