What it’s like when your mum is your co-founder

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Blog, Tips

Relatability has many things that I think make it unique: we take a truly relational lens to wellbeing at work, we have an amazing combination of business and psychotherapeutic expertise, and…my co-founder is also my mum.

So what is that like?

For the business, it’s amazing. Regardless of our relationship, I think it’s quite unusual to have a 30ish year age gap between co-founders! We have totally different career histories and life experiences and we bring different perspectives to the challenges our clients are facing, and we reflect some of the age/life/opinion differences you might get on a team too. Our different strengths, and the diversity of thought we bring mean stronger content and better approaches to problem solving.
For our relationship, it’s brought a totally new element. Of course, there’s a natural blurring between work and life, which means we can sometimes be discussing a workshop on a Sunday morning. But I also have my biggest cheerleader with me at work all the time.
There are other parts I didn’t expect. Calling someone ‘mum’ on a work call (even if she is your mum!), is extremely embarrassing. Clients often love that we are related. And as it turns out, delivering a workshop alongside your mum is weirdly exhilarating.

Would you ever work with your mum?